Feldenkrais Express is a

unique 6 week online course to help you build a sustainable

self-care movement routine that will change the way you feel,

work and play!


With quick 3 minute lessons there is simply no way you don't have time for this. :)

Yes, I am ready for change!

Are You Ready To Take Care of Yourself?

You know you should be taking
frequent breaks from your computer.


You should be getting up and walking around every 50-60 minutes.


There’s just one problem:
Reality doesn’t work that way!

Because whether you are

in a crazy deadline office environment
or teleworking from home with kids around

chances are, you will get up from your computer only to take care of something other than yourself.


Then, when your back reminds you of its presence or your friend begins a new practice, you decide to be more proactive about your health.


Unfortunately self motivation fades fast...

It's so difficult to put another task, however small, in your already overfilled plate.


The next time you glimpse at your slumped reflection you wonder how you got there...

you got there as we all do:

The Truth:

Posture is created by habits!

Although a fitness program or sports are very good for you, they cannot replace a daily self-care movement routine.


Think of it just like all the other daily self care rituals you are accustomed to, like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

Fast, easy to do

and leaving you refreshed!

Let's Do This!

Build your daily movement routine with... the Feldenkrais Express a 6 Weeks Program Designed to Teach you Fast, Easy & Effective Movement Routines to Reduce Tension & Pain Movement Lessons in 3 Different Formats 3-5 minutes 
10-15 minutes 
30+ minutes Weekly Zoom Sessions For Support & Accountability

The Big Secret

Its All About the Pelvis

Let's Do this!

Limited Time Offer Only 40€

Hello! I’m Erifily Nikola, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. I have been teaching movement for over 15 years and my mission has always been to bring quality movement lessons to people who need it most.

Even as a movement teacher I still spend many hours on my computer researching, preparing classes and editing videos, and since becoming a mother I know how difficult it can be to find the time to be kind and take care of myself without guilt.


But I practice what I preach, because I know you can’t help others if you first don’t help yourself.

BONUS a PDF Progress NoteBook
 a Downloadable Audio Lessons 
 to keep on the go
Join me on the Feldenkrais Express and discover the shortest path to change

Our lesson plan will cover:


Releasing Tension in the Neck & Shoulders


Softening the Face


Mobilizing the Spine


Protecting the Low Back


Deepening the Breath

With Feldenkrais Express you get: aGuided movement lessons in 3 different time formats aWeekly Zoom Coaching Calls aDownloadable Audio lessons to accompany you everywhere aFree PDF Notebook

Get them!

Limited Time  Offer Only 40€

Got Questions?

Feel Free to Contact me!

feldenkraisway at gmail.com

Photo: John Schnobrich

Photo: Averie Wooda